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General information

Centre for Informatics, Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy cc is a registered close corporation on the CIPC database, registration number 2009/103221/23. The business is involved in developing digital education material: videos, animations and virtual laboratories for all grades to resolve some of the challenges facing education in the country.

The business has six full time employees and a number of part-time managers, programmers, animators researchers, script-writers and subject specialists.


 Create a growing knowledge economy through informatics, knowledge management and innovation.



Proactively coordinating and managing informatics and knowledge at national level as a process of knowledge sharing and collective feeder benefiting policy-making, governance, innovation and growing the economy.


The goals of the centre are to:

  • Bridge silos in the creation of information and knowledge nationally
  • Coordinate and manage information and knowledge of the country in a virtual environment leading to economic growth and development
  • Create national knowledge assets
  • Improve evidence based decision for policy-makers
  • Grow knowledge transfer partnerships
  • Encouraged knowledge and information-based innovation
  • Contribute to knowledge for all
  • Develop National Knowledge Reserve Bank



  • Index locally developed information and knowledge
  • Develop a virtual access gateway to country resources
  • Coordinate, collate, analyse, synthesize and crystallize information and knowledge
  • Facilitate Knowledge Economy Incubation
  • Conduct Information and knowledge Reviews and audits
  • Develop knowledge transfer partnerships
  • Develop feedback loop for decision making
  • Establish Communities of Practice and Interest
  • Support knowledge management efforts in the country
  • Facilitate KM standards and benchmarks
  • Conduct IKME Research, monitoring and evaluation
  • Establish IKM Professional Bodies (Council and Associations)
  • Conduct SA Knowledge Economy Awards
  • Conduct world class training on Informatics, Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy through the Informatics and Knowledge Management Academy (IKMAC)
  • Repackage Knowledge into knowledge products


Centre for Informatics, Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy has been in the business of Knowledge Management since 2007 and has expanded the business by introducing FundaSmart Digital Education Product which is the focus of this pamphlet. The development of this product is part of creative economy within the knowledge economy.

This product was triggered by a call from  a nephew   who lives in one of the rural areas in the Eastern Cape who said “you know what Dabs (meaning aunt) we do not have teachers for : life science and geography, I do not know how I can become a doctor in situations such as these”. The CEO (Dr Mbananga) thought that something could be done to assist no matter how little help can be. The CEO who is a Knowledge Management Expert came up with an idea of repackaging educational content into videos, animations and virtual laboratories to assist those learners who are disadvantaged.

Therefore, since 2010 the product started as a concept and grew to a good product that it is today and there is no doubt that it will improve educational outcomes. The current product which is the first primary edition is focusing on Grade 4- 7 and is grounded on CAPS curriculum as prescribed by the National Department of Basic Education. This Department is aware of the development of the product.

This product is learner centred, it appeals to most human senses : visual, reading, listening and touching by mouse. This product provides an opportunity to leaners to conduct virtual experiments anywhere anytime. For the first time, we provide experiments and laboratory experiences in the lower grades rather than later. This is a digital educator in the digital age of the 21st Century.


NB: This digital learner product is not a replacement of the teacher in the classroom, it is rather an enhancement tool.


Objectives of this Digital Learning Product : FundaSmart


Staff – Establishment

Dr Nolwazi Mbananga PhD                     - CEO
Dr Siviwe Jolobe MBCHB/Peads               - Strategist Director
Ms Ncedisa Mafani   MMICT                   - Principal Researcher &Script Writer


Mr Kearatwa Sedidi Adv Dip Animation     - Chief Animator


Ms Nicole Weatherby MA Med. Arts         - Animator


Ms Notoro Mbananga BA CMMS              - Studio Production Manager & Script Writer


Mr Songeze Dabula                              - Recording Manager and Administrator