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The blog is currently the online knowledge sharing and knowledge repository for the SAKMPA. It is therefore a restricted platform. New members should ensure that they obtain access to the blog.

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South African Knowledge Management Professional Association


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As a resolution of the ICKE2009 conference, a South African Knowledge Management Professional Association (SAKMPA) has been established. A structure has been democratically elected at a meeting on 31 August 2010. The constitition is available and is circulated to those who have registered. Those who wish to be registered are invited to complete a registration form. The subscription fee is R250,00 per year.

Purpose of SAKMPA

To develop knowledge management professionalism within South Africa.


President: Dr Nolwazi Mbananga
Deputy President: Mrs Hendra van Zyl
Secretariat: Mr Xolani Dube


Mr Azwitamisi Mmboyi (Statistics South Africa)
Ms Wesiwe Sikaka (HSRC)
Mr Xolani Dube (Dept of Human Settlements)
Mr Setsomi Mothapo (Dept of Labour)
Mr Vincent Horner (MRC)
Dr Thembisa Norushe (Buffalo City Municipality)
Mr Janus Snyders (MRC)
Mrs Elmarie van Wyk (MRC)
Mrs Marike Kotze (MRC)
Ms Notoro Mbananga (CIKMKE)
Ms Asa Nkohla (CIKME)
Mr Tsepo Mathe
Ms Lulama Peter (CIKME)
Mr Amimo Ariyola (CIKME)


Funding policy

This funding policy is a statement for sustainability of the centre.  Funding strategies are presented differently.

Government, Sponsors and Donor Funding
The South African National Centre for Informatics and knowledge management is a  non profit organization. Funding for the centre will depend on sponsors, donors and government grant.

Research Project Proposal Funding
The centre will generate income on IKME Research proposals.

Services as Source of Income
The centre generates funding from services that it will offer as indicated earlier in the document.  These services will generate funding that will be used to develop the centre.

User Membership Fees
When the centre is operational, institutions both government and private sector may be persuaded to pay a membership fee to use the centre.

Professional Association Fees
The centre is positioning itself to form and manage an IKME  Professional Association.  IKME professionals who register to the IKME Association will pay subscription fees which will be an income to serve members’ interests and sustaining the association and overhead will be charged from the fees to sustain the centre.

Professional Council Fees
The centre is positioning itself to form an IMKE Professional Council. This council will look into professionalism  regarding IKM and developing standards, and code of conduct of  IKM professionals.   All IKM practitioners will register with the Council before they can be allowed to manage data of any kind. Some of these professionals will be managing  confidential and personal information.  For some of them will be responsible for  managing hospital records with patients records as well as electronic health record hubs when the eHR  is in place.  Ethics on managing Information and Knowledge is crucial and these are the matters that the centre will look into in developing professionalism.


 Those interested to become SAKMPA members are invited to complete the online membership application form.