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FundaSmart Primary Edition Content



FundaSmart has 33 videos and 13 laboratory experiments. Videos and Laboratory play period range from 3 – 12 minutes averagely.

The following is the content of Videos and Experiments:

  1. 1.Experiments Grade 4 :-

(i)Matter and different states and answers questions such as: Does matter expand? , Can matter be in a state of solid? and Can matter become liquid?

NB: These experiments are elementary because they are for a lower grade

  1. 2.Experiments Grade 5

Experiments for Grade 5 answer the following questions:-

           (i)Does fire need air to burn?

           (ii) Does air exist in the soil?

           (iii) Demonstrating precipitation

NB: These experiments are basic because of the level (grade5)

  1. 3.Experiments Grade 6

Experiments for Grade 6 deal with the following:

(i)Electricity and Conduction

(ii)Static Electricity

(iii)Life in the soil


(v)Lime water and carbon dioxide

     4. Experiments Grade 7

         Experiments for Grade 7 focus on the following:-

         (i)Starch and Solubility

         (ii)Starch detection

         (iii)Starch and Filtration


NB: These experiments are basic because of the level (grade)but expose learners to laboratory experience at an early age. Experiments allow for interaction.


Laboratory Equipment

Among the videos there is laboratory equipment. This video is demonstrating to learners some of the equipment used in the laboratory. The video is meant to create knowledge regarding lab equipment. This video attempts to help those students who may not have laboratories to have an idea of what they may see in university laboratories. Often learners from rural schools go to university laboratories without any knowledge of the lab equipment. In this way we bridge the gap between those who have labs and those without labs in a positive way.


The following are the names of the lab equipment contained in the video:-



   (iii)Elern Meyer

   (iv)Gas Bottle

   (v)Vacuum Glass

   (vi)Glass Beaker


   (Viii)Separatory Funnel

   ( ix)Thurstle Tube

NB: Note that this video gives names and uses of equipment


Videos in the Lecture Hall

Videos in the lecture hall cover a range of lessons such as:-

(i)Human Body


(iii)Natural Disasters

(iv)Solar System

(v) Energy

(v) Our World (Social Science lessons /Ecosystems etc.)

(vi) The National Anthem as a gift to schools

FundarSmart English Lab Content

FundaSmart English Lab simulates a classroom environment. It caters for phases: Foundation, Intermediate and Senior.

The content of the English Lab is divided into Modules:-

(i)Module1 focuses on:-

  • Introduction to sentences
  • Types of Sentences
  • Components of a sentence
  • Phrases
  • Classification of sentences
  • Punctuation

(ii)Module 2 deals with:-

  • Verbs
  • Conjunctions

(iii) Module 3 focus on:-

  • Direct and indirect speech
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Prepositions

(iv) Module 4 deals with:-

  • Adjectives
  • Concord
  • Articles
  • Plurals

(i)Module 5 focuses on:-

  • Abbreviations
  • Contradictions
  • Exaggeration
  • Picture &Video analysis
  • Comprehension
  • Dictionary
  • Figurative language
  • Levels of Language
  • And Comprehension