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Managing government, organisational information and legal issues

Managing government, organisational information and legal issues

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Day 1

  • Informatics : data, information and information management systems
  • Information Management
  • The Legal Aspects of Information creation, procurement and management
  • Ethical Issues of  data and Information Management
  • Code of Conduct  for Data and Information Managers
  • Data Protection and Management
  • Legal Aspects of the Internet
  • Use of Internet

Day 2

  • Developing a strategy for Information Management
  • Managing Data and Information Hub
  • Developing Data and Information Architecture
  • Managing Electronic Record Systems
  • Information Management and Business Intelligence
  • Benchmarking and Performance Measurement
  • Managing Information Systems
  • IT Management and Support Services

Objectives of Module 1

This module will span over 2 days.  Firstly, the module introduces participants to all the topics listed above.  Secondly, it provides a better understanding of the topics and how these impact on their everyday work. It further empowers people with skills and competence to do the activities related to the topics in their environment. Therefore the course will meet the following objectives

  • Develop an understanding of government information and other organizational information
  • Develop skills and competence to manage information and data
  • Assist participants in searching for Medical and Legal Information on the Internet
  • Understand the legal and ethical issues in information management
  • Understand code of conduct of  data / information managers/practitioners
  • Develop information systems management skills and competencies
  • Provide professional IT management and Support Services Skills and Competency

Outcomes of Module 1

On completing the course participants will have

  • Better understanding of all of the listed topics
  • Confidence in collecting, managing and using data and information & presentation
  • Practical experience of managing data and information
  • Understanding of the difference between data and information
  • Understanding the legal aspects of Internet, e-mail use in organizations

Why should participants attend Module 1?

We are in the Information Age, every work that we do deals with information in different ways.  We need to ensure that we do possess the skills and competencies that are needed in the Information Age.  Developed countries have moved over Information Age to the Knowledge Age and this is the subject that is dealt with in the following modules. The ability to manage and exploit the data information is key in determining success or failure of organizations in the future.  As people use Internet, e-mails and other electronic equipment the more organizations and individuals are facing risks of litigations.