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ICKE 2009 overview

International Conference on the Knowledge Economy

20 - 22 October 2009

The conference themes were broad the purpose was to get as wide experience as was possible on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy. The conference was a truly International Conference because 9 countries from allover the world participated:
  • UK
  • US
  • South Korea
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • South Africa
  • It was regrettable that RSA was represented by people who were below 20. The quality of papers presented was high and speakers were impressive.The conference covers the following areas:
  • The CEO IDC opened and welcomed visitors and highlighted that the conference could not have been timelier as IDC is planning to move to SADC region, the conference brings along something which the institution can present to other African countries.
  • The conference defined and discussed Knowledge Economy using OECD and World
  • Bank definitions
  • The conference presented KE measures and these were discussed at length including
  • the need for national measures not rely on world bank measures only
  • KM was defined and discussed and examples of implementation thereof were shared
  • KM measures were not presented or discussed something which will be considered in the next conference icke 2011
  • A strong justification for considering  both KM and KE in the country was brought forward by a number of keynote speakers inviting government’s involvement in activities of this nature
  • It was clear in through deliberations that many countries have moved ahead in consolidating KM while there is little that has been done in consolidation the concept KE. RSA was not necessarily far behind other countries, the country can leapfrog given the correct ingredients.
  • Various following topics were presented:
  • How to start a KM Professional body a Singapore experience
  • The use of ICTs in KE and KM
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Use of ICT to create a Knowledge ecosystem a case of a university
  • KM Challenges
  • Social Network: A Social KM approach
  • Emerging Theory of Economics

The conference concluded that Knowledge Economy is still a concept that is pulling economies towards KE but with clear pillars there is a need to further define it in concrete terms. KM is pushing economies towards Knowledge Economy while ICTs are accelerating economies towards KE.

  • Next Conference will be in 2011
  • A Professional Association must be established soon
  • More organizations and government to join in organizing the next conference in 2010.



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