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Information services and models

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Day 1

  • Bridging theory and practice in information services
  • Developing a strategy for Information services
  • Developing a strategic Plan for Information Services
  • Managing library and information sources
  • Library information search
  • Library database management
  • Publishing services

Day 2

  • Information Categorizing, Indexing and Classification
  • Information Base Protection and Management
  • Developing an Effective Team for information management
  • Market the Information Service
  • Classification, Categorising and Indexing Information
  • Effective Information Service Manager
  • Customer Care in Information Services
  • Financial Management for Information Managers

This module deals with information services in broad sense, from library services, to government information services, organizational information services for professionals, policy makers and members of the public.   This module is looking at issues of packaging information and dissemination of information using different methods and tools.


  • Develop skill and competence in understanding competitive in intelligence
  • Ability to Categorize, classify and  index information
  • Provide skill and knowledge to evaluate the quality and relevance of information
  • Develop better understanding of information services
  • Providing skills for financial management and fund raising for information services
  • Develop skills and competency to starting an information services  as a business

Course Outcomes
In completing the course participants will have:

  • Better  understanding of information services
  • Skills and competence of categorizing  and indexing information
  • Develop understanding and knowledge of starting an information services business
  • Skills and competence in fundraising
  •  Skills on information packaging and dissemination  of information for different users

Why participants should attend?

More and more people are going to be involved in information services of one way or another. More employment is going to be in this area as well in the future. Information services businesses are going to be viable as we move and pass the Information Age. It becomes necessary that those who are in the filed already and aspiring to do so must learn about issues of information services and how to build business on information services.

Also, competition on which organization is providing useful and relevant information is going to be strong.  Therefore, for organizations to survive must learn the game and be competitive, they can do this through people who are employed in these services.  Information trade and information procurement issues are knocking at our doors everyday.  Some countries procure organizational information of organizations in other countries without any one noticing it. Even if one can notice if there are no procurement policies and information trade policies, some countries will lose out in a big way.  Therefore, protect your organization by knowing all about these matters.