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Library and informaton management

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  • Developing an Information  Strategy for Library and Information Services
  • Abstracting and Summarising Quickly and Accurately
  • Basic Cataloguing & Indexing
  • Cataloguing  Practice
  • Classification Practice
  • Construction of a Thesaurus

  • Copyright for Information Providers
  • Electronic Serials Management
  • Essential Skills for Information and Library Work
  • Evaluating Information for Purchase
  • Freedom of Information


  • Handling Enquiries
  • Information Audit
  • Introduction to Database Design
  • Open Access Repository
  • Open Access Publishing
  • Records Management
  • Legal Aspects of  General Information Management

This module is dealing with the management of traditional libraries and virtual libraries. As societies and communities evolve differently towards information age and knowledge age, they do need to have knowledgeable practitioners.  The module like other modules goes beyond the boundaries of library science to include pertinent issues related to new technologies and data bases and in particular how to make electronic data basis of science publication be available and consumed  every where and by everybody in the endeavor to make science information available to ordinary members of the communities.

  • Develop understanding of library and information services at different levels
  • Develop cataloguing skills
  • Better understanding of purchasing or procuring information for libraries
  • Understand Legal aspects of library information
  • Provide skills on use of search engines for library information
  • Develop knowledge and competence around  Thesaurus
  • Impart knowledge on developing both physical and virtual libraries


Course Outcome

  • Understand library and information
  • Understand the difference between virtual and physical library
  • Knowledge of establishing both types of libraries
  • Knowledge of purchasing and procuring information
  • Understand information pricing tags

Why people should attend?
Practitioners in the area of library services and management will continue to handle both types of libraries.   For many rural environment and other institutions there are no library services of any kind. The government in South Africa in its endeavor towards information society, knowledge society and knowledge economy is pushing for the establishment of these facilities for all our communities.  

This endeavor needs people with knowledge of both kinds of library services.  In the knowledge Age library services has changed from the traditional library services. Therefore, practitioners and aspiring people need to know about new ways of conducting the same service differently.