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Communities of Practice
Establishing Communities of Practice (COP) and Communities of Interest (COI)  countrywide is an important aspect of knowledge management and one of the functions of the centre.  COP are important for knowledge and information sharing amongst peers and practitioners and members of the communities. This kind of knowledge sharing forum or network  encourage coordination and sharing of  information and knowledge.

This sharing network reduce duplication and improve innovation. Communities of practice are those members that are interested in the filed though they are not practicing in the field. The COI add a different value to  knowledge management. This group make knowledge or information user friendly and appropriate to reality. That is why in knowledge recombination this aspect of knowledge cannot be left out as the knowledge product developed from this process will be short of tacit knowledge.

Therefore, these communities will be developed nationally as physical and virtual and space for knowledge sharing will be available from the centres website for all in the country.

Communities of practice

  • Develop national communities of practice (NCOP’s)
  • Assist in organizations to develop communities of practice
  • Provide guidelines for organizational knowledge sharing
  • Developing national communities of interest and linking these with NCOP’s


Knowledge Harvesting and Preservation of ODA Institutional Memory, IDC Newsletter, Issue 2, 2011 (pdf format, 734 Kb)


Introduction to Health Informatics, by Nolwazi Mbananga

This book is developed for health professionals who have no knowledge of Health Informatics. It is an introductory work in the subject of health informatics but hopes to provide an understanding of what health informatics is.

Health information managers who are beginners in the field will benefit from reading this book.

First edition: Notoro Publishers, Pretoria, South Africa, 2007
Copyrights @2006 by Nolwazi Mbananga
ISBN 10: 0-620-37508-6
ISBN 13: 978-0-620-37508-5
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